Ignition Interlock Device

ignition interlock device

What Is An Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock device is a breath testing machine installed in a motor vehicle. It requires the driver to blow into the machine before operating the car, and it can detect the presence of alcohol consumption. 

In some cases, the judge will order someone to install it in his or her vehicle while the case is pending. In other situations, it is required while on probation and during the time someone’s license is suspended.

How Long Must This Be In My Vehicle?

Washington law requires an IID in any vehicle that you drive if your license is suspended from a DUI. Sometimes it is judicially ordered as a condition of release while the case is pending. The length of time that it must be in your car depends on a number of factors, such as your breath test results, prior DUI history, and if you had underage passengers in your car at the time of the incident. If you have no previous DUI’s, you likely will need the ignition interlock device in your car for at least one year. If you have a prior DUI, the length of time increases to five years. Additionally, the Department Of Licensing requires your final six months to show zero positive readings for alcohol.

What Happens If The Machine Registers A Positive Alcohol Reading?

If there is any alcohol in your system at the time you blow into an ignition interlock device, then your car will not start. Additionally, a positive reading is reported to the interlock company, who then relays this information to the Department Of Licensing and to the courts. It is important to not attempt to drive a motor vehicle if any alcohol is in your system.

Contact A Professional Attorney

An experienced attorney understands the complexities of the Department of Licensing and court requirements for an interlock device. If you have questions about your ignition interlock device, contact Carley Legal Services today at (360) 726-3571, or fill out a form here. We will get back to you promptly. 

For more information about ignition interlock devices, you can visit the DOL website here. If you need financial assistance for the cost of an ignition interlock device, the DOL may be able to assist you. You can fill out a financial assistance application here.