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Tom Carley is a DUI lawyer located in Vancouver, WA. For many years, Tom has defended thousands of clients in the Clark County courts. His experience has given him the insight into the intricacies of a DUI charge. Tom understands the interplay between the courts, the Department of Licensing, and the probation department. DUI’s are complex. You need a skilled criminal defense attorney who is more than merely familiar with a DUI charge. Our office keenly understands how best to represent our clients facing DUI’s, negligent driving, reckless driving, driving while suspended, ignition interlock violations, and probation violations. We keep up to date on the latest developments in the law.

  • Experience in the Courtroom
  • Affordable Cost
  • Professional Representation

We provide aggressive and professional representation at a cost you can afford. If you are not able to pay the full retainer up front, we can offer you flexible payment plans.

Our office takes the time to sit down with you and discuss your case. We are available day or night to answer your questions. If you have a court case in Vancouver or Clark County, we are here to assist you.

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