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Felony charge attorneyFelony Charge – Aggressive Representation at an Affordable Cost

A felony charge can alter your life in serious ways. The consequences can be dire – a felony conviction can carry years in prison, thousand of dollars in legal costs, court-ordered treatment, loss of your firearm rights, loss of your voting rights, and the submission of a DNA sample to the State. It is essential to have a strong advocate in your corner.

At Carley Legal Services, our team is experienced in examining the finer details of your case. We understand there are two sides to every story, and we do not take police reports at face value. Our team works hard to make sure you are fully apprised of your case at every stage of the proceeding. We provide a tailored strategy to get you the best possible result.

We provide effective defense on:

  • drug charges
  • burglary
  • robbery
  • felony assault
  • felony harassment
  • felony malicious mischief
  • any felony involving a motor vehicle

The consequences of a felony charge can be dire. However, it is not difficult to be charged with a felony. It is important to understand how your criminal record can affect a possible sentence. Through the Sentencing Reform Act, a good attorney will be able to negotiate a positive resolution for you. When you are facing a criminal charge, having an attorney on your side from the beginning of the case is your smartest move. A good attorney knows how to argue that you remain out of custody while the case is pending. Tom Carley will take the time to investigate your case, and will also make himself available to you and discuss defending case together.

Tom Carley aggressively defends against felony charges. He has a solid record of creative negotiations, dismissals and Not-Guilty verdicts. He understands when a case should resolve with a negotiated resolution, and when a case should go to trial. He prides himself on open communication with his clients, and is available to answer your questions.

Affordable Lawyer

Tom offers a free consultation to discuss your case. He offers professional representation at a cost you can afford. Tom works on a flat-fee, rather than on an hourly basis. In some cases, he works with you regarding a payment plan. When you are facing serious charges, it pays to have an experienced attorney on your side. Contact us for more information here.