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Tom Carley is a skilled and experienced attorney who has defended countless clients in various cases, including DUI’s, felonies, assaults, domestic violence charges, probation violations, and many others. His professional insight allows him to find the best defense strategy for every case. Understanding that each case is unique is critical in understanding the circumstances involved and creating an effective plan to reach the best possible outcome. Tom Carley strives to be compassionate and understanding while also providing the most reliable legal defense possible.

DUI Conviction Washington

DUI Lawyer

Being charged with a DUI can have serious repercussions, including jail time, license suspension, installation of an ignition interlock device, alcohol counseling, and thousands of dollars in court costs. But having a skilled attorney on your side can make all the difference. Tom Carley has successfully handled thousands of criminal cases. There are many contributing factors when it comes to fighting a DUI charge. Always talk to an attorney before you do anything else. Our office provides professional representation at an affordable cost. If you are not able to pay the full retainer up front, we offer flexible payment plans.

Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence accusations can happen in the blink of an eye. Many people do not realize that even seemingly minor conduct can land you in jail. There are many categories within domestic violence, including assault, harassment, malicious mischief, violation of a no-contact order, burglary, and more. Tom Carley at Carley Legal Services can help you from beginning to end. We understand that there are two sides to every story, and we take the time to understand you. A skilled attorney understands the complexities and nuances of domestic violence law. These types of charges can carry significant collateral consequences beyond a regular criminal charge, including jail time, loss of firearm rights, no-contact orders, court-ordered counseling, and more. When your reputation and rights are at stake, hire a lawyer with the expertise required in defending domestic violence accusations.

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Felony Charges Battle Ground WA

Felony Charges

Felony charges can affect your future, family, and career in a big way. Tom Carley at Carley Legal Services has helped numerous people in defending their felony charges. We provide defense on burglary, drug charges, assault, and more. When you face a felony criminal charge, having an attorney in your corner from the beginning is your smartest move. A felony conviction can carry years in prison, thousands of dollars in legal costs, court-ordered treatment, loss of your firearm rights, loss of your voting rights, and the submission of a DNA sample to the State. Tom understands when a case should resolve with a negotiated resolution and when a case should go to trial. We offer honest and practical advice with an eye towards achieving the best possible outcome.

Assault Charges

There are different types of assault that someone can be charged with; unwanted, intentional physical contact with someone else, attempting to inflict harm on someone, and physically threatening to harm another person. At Carley Legal, we help to defend you against these charges. We take the time to understand your side of the story. Often times, police officers can make snap decisions to arrest without getting the full picture. It is not uncommon for an accuser to tell officers one thing and tell our investigators another thing. Assault charges come with the risk of jail time, mandatory counseling, paying court fees, and more. When your future, family or career is at stake, it pays to have skill and experience on your side.

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Criminal Defense Attorney

At Carley Legal Services, we defend more than just “criminal defendants” – We defend teachers, doctors, union workers, small business owners, laborers, tech professionals, and stay-at-home parents. We provide aggressive and professional representation at a cost you can afford. Tom Carley can help you with everything from DUI, reckless driving, Department of Licensing hearings, domestic violence, assault, harassment, felonies, probation violations, and suspended licenses. We pride ourselves on keeping on top of Washington’s ever-changing laws. We offer honest and practical advice for anyone facing a criminal charge.

Expungement Attorney

Having a criminal conviction on your record can make it challenging to find employment and housing options. Hiring a professional expungement attorney can help you get these charges off of your record. Tom Carley is skilled in the laws surrounding the rules for a felony, misdemeanor, and domestic violence charges. Different requirements need to be met to qualify for a record expungement. Tom Carley not only works hard to get these charges off of your record, but he also works to restore your firearm rights. Make sure to hire an attorney who has the experience necessary to properly handle your record expungement.


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Located directly North and across the majestic Columbia River from Portland, Oregon, Vancouver is deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest history. Once described as “the only desired situation for settlement west of the Rockies” by Meriweather Lewis, Vancouver was originally home to Fort Vancouver and was established as a fur trading post for the Hudson’s Bay Company. Fort Vancouver still stands and remains a popular tourist attraction for visitors. It is still a large area for railway use, using both commercial and passenger trains regularly. Despite being so close to Portland, Vancouver has created its own vibrant culture separate from its cross-river neighbor. Vancouver is listed as the fourth-largest city in the state of Washington; however, there are enough people in the surrounding areas to make Vancouver the second-largest city. Boasting an up-and-coming, revitalized downtown area with new restaurants, hotels, and shopping combined with a beautiful view of the surrounding natural amenities like Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and the Columbia River, Vancouver is becoming one of the more desirable areas to visit and live in the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s walking along the river’s waterfront, visiting nearby waterfalls and lakes, visiting one of the many beautiful parks in the city, or grabbing a freshly brewed microbrew, Vancouver has just as much to offer as a big city would in a smaller city feel and location.

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